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A group that is dedicated to help it’s neighbourhood and the community at large in a number of ways. NUR means light, and our intent is to shed as much as we can on the community from which we have benefited.

NUR is a registered charitable trust, has 80G exemption from the IT Dept, and was founded by Tehzeeb Katari and her husband Ravi Katari, both of whom are fully engaged in its operations.



We realize that it makes best sense to start with a few issues, and perhaps, as we consolidate and grow, we could take on other issues.


We have begun with three specific problems:


NUR supports formal school education.  

We assist needy students with financial aid, so as to ensure that they are able to complete their education. 

NUR has been associated with St.Joseph's Higher Secondary School, Kovalam, since 2010. 

St Joseph Senior High School consists of 4 substantial buildings. . . .  a small basic school site where pupils ate and slept in the open, has been transformed into a highly successful educational enterprise - which includes a technical learning centre, a fully equipped chemistry laboratory, a library and a facility for computer studies. 

There are over 50 classrooms with over 2,200 boys and girls, mostly from disadvantaged backgrounds, who receive a complete education. Although administered by Catholic Priests, the schools offer a multi-faith education in Tamil and English, to Hindu, Muslim and Christian students.

This school caters to the surrounding villages, primarily to the fishing community, many of whom cannot afford to educate  their children without financial assistance.

The Mosquito Menace

We would like to rid the city of Chennai, of mosquitos! This is a very ambitious plan. . .but Singapore has done it, as has Kenya. . so with some determination. . and great perseverance, it should be possible! This will include anti-malaria operations such as proper treatment cycles, identifying stagnant water, removing waste receptacles like old tyres, where water accumulates. . .The only way we can hope to make a success of this, is with the assistance of the Corporation! We have made some headway here - and we have some systems in place. We are pleased to say that we can see the difference, already!

Skill Development Centre

NUR is using  it’s own premises in Thoraipakkam to establish, along with a Rotary group and the local panchayat’s active support, a skills training centre. NUR will implement many important initiatives including training in Plumbing, Tailoring, and Computer classes.


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Varuna Building, 4, Sundaram Salai, RA Puram, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600028, India

044 4263-9646


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